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Launching into Literacy - Diving into Informational Skills (2-8)

Teach Your Students How to Apply Analysis Skills to Constructed Response

WHO:  Texas Teachers, Grades 2-8

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Instructional tools to support deeper comprehension of text, apply analysis skills to constructed response, confidently teach informational and opinion writing, and learn how to provide actionable feedback when assessing student work.  Gain understanding of foundational writing skills to effectively respond to text and prepare for STAAR assessments throughout the year. 


Part 1– Launching into Literacy      

  • Understanding EW’s Methodology and how it creates writing success
  • Recognizing Genre
  • Identifying Organizational Frameworks (e.g., Informational vs. Narrative)
  • Learning How to Annotate and Analyze Text
  • Finding Literary Elements for Literary Analysis
  • Identifying Text Conventions (“clues” discovery) for Constructed Response

Part 2– Informational Skills

  • Developing Broad, yet Distinct Main Ideas
  • Creating Detail-Generating Questions
  • Widening Sentence Variety
  • Conducting/referencing Research
  • Building Introductions and Conclusions

Part 3– Putting It All Together

  • Practicing Process Writing
  • Forming Assessment Rubrics
  • Recap of Today’s Learning – Informational Writing

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