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  • Texas - Teaching Through Text: A Step by Step Guide to Constructed Response (G2-8)

    Teaching Through Text: A Step-by-Step Guide to Constructed Response (G2-8)

    Teach Your Students How to Apply Analysis Skills to Constructed Response

    WHO:  Texas Teachers, Grades 2-8


    • Instructional tools to analyze and annotate text
    • Effectively deconstruct the prompt
    • Locate and identify evidence to support your response
    • Paraphrase and cite evidence in source texts (narrative and informational)
    • Apply analysis skills to constructed response
    • How to model the step by step process to a well written response


    Required prerequisite: Empowering Writers Informational/Expository 6 hour training 

    Suggested prerequisite: Empowering Writers Narrative 6 hour training

    Objective: Learn how to apply informational skills to tasks that require students to identify and cite evidence from text.

    6 hour course will: 

      • Review foundational skills for application

      • Use a sample text to model the process for constructed response with a single source text

      • Introduce key comprehension questions for Informational and Opinion Genres

      • Utilize the framing questions for literary analysis

      • Model the application of the questions with specific articles or stories

      • Apply questioning techniques to assess students' ability to understand foundational skills, identify and paraphrase/cite evidence, and formulate a fluid response

      • Develop an extended response utilizing multiple source texts 

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